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Post by El Fiji Grande on Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:20 pm

So much history is lost in the dust of time. It is my goal to preserve as much history and culture from Strategos Prime as I can, but much I have already forgotten.

So let's start from the beginning.

Strategos Prime was founded in early-mid 2013 after a merge between Skyholder Aerospace Inc and several other individual nations. I will attempt to record as many of the individual founding nations as I can, and I do apologize if I have forgotten. The Third Rome of Atlantica became the Founder of SP, and Lamborghinia was the founder of SAI. Among the first members to merge were The Empire of Walabam, The Grand Duchy of Grand Duchy of Nardin, The Federation of Hijjma, and his puppet The Assistant Head Director of Hijjra, as well as myself. Some former SAI nations were lost in the merge - most notably Novambisk vii.

The region kicked off slowly. Many of the early members had very little experience, in every aspect of NS. Hijjma started a primitive forum, and we gathered a large quantity of embassies. Over time, and through the hard work of our core members, the region gained momentum. Soon, very active nations joined, including The Archo-Stellar Imperium of The Laxus Union and The Systems Alliance of SSV Normandy SR-2. After Hijjma went temporarily inactive, a new forum was created by The Holy Moly of El Fiji Grande. The forum also experienced a slow start, though was sustained by a primitive nation RP and periodic regional elections.

The regional constitution was created in this period, written by Organized geth. It was kept intentionally small, short, and simple to provide efficiency to the region. It allowed for a Universal Council to become the legislature, and a Security Council to be the executive branch.

Though the region was technically defined as a democracy in its early stages, it was by all intents and purposes an oligarchy. An intelligence agency was created - the Strategos Prime Intelligence Agency (SPIA). SPIA became the sustaining force of the region as all active and 'trustworthy' members became members. SPIA maintained a 'secretive' hold over SP, and new members could only join through invitation which was decided by a majority within SPIA. SPIA was considered to be legal under the constitution by the Security Council clause. The Director of SPIA was SSV Normandy SR-2. The Deputy-Director was El Fiji Grande. All other members were considered to be agents. Any new members would have to first pass through training - or prove themselves capable of the power and responsibility first.

SPIA handled all matters, both domestic and foreign in early SP. Members of SPIA were usually high up in the regional government, though the candidates were the same each time. SPIA helped the region grow, and became the center of activity for early nations. Some of these nations were new recruits, who, through the help of SPIA later went on to become some of the most active members in SP. To help introduce new members to SPIA culture, a cadet program was introduced, run by El Fiji Grande. These nations included The United States of Topsail Empire, The United Republic of East Ibsenia, and Fairroam. At its peak, SPIA had 9 members, a number intentionally kept small.

SPIA was used not only as the unofficial form of the region's government, but also as an intelligence service to aid SP in becoming an active defender region. Members of SPIA were given foreign missions to traditionally raider regions, including The Black Riders, The Black Hawks, and The Land of Kings and Emperors. A wave of paranoia swept SP, and all SPIA members were on the lookout to defend the region's security against 'infiltrators'. Full background checks were performed on every nation that entered the region. Notable nations entering the region during this time were Merik, Springedge, and The Sovereignty of Vortukia. Through a coordinated effort in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Novambisk VII was convinced to join the region, along with two of his friends. Lamborghinia was also finally convinced to join, following the eventual collapse of SAI.

One 'infiltrator' made it past as our defenses because of Topsail Empire's confidence in him. This nation had many puppets and came in several forms. We shall refer to him here as Neo-metropolisia, or simply Metro. Shortly after Metro was granted access to SPIA, he 'betrayed' us to The Black Riders, and left the region to form his own. The entire affair was completely overblown, but is notable as the only instance where SPIA was known to be 'infiltrated'. Metro later rejoined the region peacefully and became reintegrated into SP culture.

However, as the region grew, it became more democratic. With more nations running in the elections, and more nations reaching higher in government, it became impractical for all to become members of SPIA. This began the collapse of SPIA, especially as it was determined no longer to be necessary. Activity in SPIA waned. The masked SPIA section of the forums fell quickly behind the 'Roleplaying Category' as the most active. The government was reformed beyond any context of the original constitution.

It was in this period that the regional military was created. The Strategos Prime Defense Forces (SPDF), was headed by Dotaria, and East Ibsenia became his secretary. SPDF was chartered as a defender organization, but remained mostly inactive for its entire history.

Since more nations participated in the elections, and since the elections took place on the forums, where any number of accounts could be created, election fraud became a problem. It became primarily the responsibility of the admin of the forums (El Fiji Grande) to provide election security. One such instance was when Sharknado(?) created two other puppets to swing the election his way. A small trial was held, were he pleaded guilty, and was punished only with not participating in that present election, as otherwise the constitution would be violated.

This growth period would later be recognized as the birth of the golden age of SP. Political parties were founded, though they never became particularly active. The largest party was the Middle Of The Line (MOTL), founded by Fiji as a moderate party that served for the benefit of the region of the whole.

Another trial occurred when The empire of reid was accused of conspiring against SP, by creating several puppet nations and planning to create a rival region. For some reason, this was interpreted as behaviors of a 'traitor', and evidence was provided for the court. This case brought up questions as to how trials should be conducted, if there should be a jury, how a conclusion should be made, if double-jeopardy was legal, etc. None of these questions were answered by the constitution, so reasonable solutions had to be created on the spot. The evidence presented against Reid was overwhelming. I (El Fiji Grande) became his defense lawyer. It was my belief that regardless of whether or not you were innocent or guilty, you had a right to a lawyer, and that in most cases, the accusations were overblown.

This case became one of the first examples of the many times that the SP RMB was recognized to be one of the most active on NS. During the trial, and in many points afterwards, a steady stream of ~ 1 post every 5 - 10 seconds was posted. Despite the overwhelming evidence against Reid, Reid won the trial due to the fact that the accusations were ridiculous. Nothing that he allegedly committed was in any way defined as illegal in any legal document, written or unwritten.

Organized Geth left the region, and from that point forward, constitutional law was mostly simply mutually understood, and what was acceptable depended on the political environment at the time.

This became the period of the golden age of SP. The region exploded with activity. Depending on the time of day, and how long it had been since you last posted, there could be up to 10 full RMB pages to catch up on. It was in this period that many nations began using NS++. Regional culture, such as probing, popcorn, and champagne became regular. (Any new nations had to be probed before being considered a citizen.).

I then received a recruitment telegram from The INUit Pride of Zwotstyg, more commonly known as The Neo-Socialist Districts of GROSS Independency. I keep my recruitment filter off because I like to keep an open mind. Zwotstyg's recruitment letter was the most convincing I had ever read up until that point. But I was extremely loyal to SP, and couldn't imagine being anywhere else. But while I rejected his invitation, I counter-proposed an alliance between SP and the International Northern Union. Since I was the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, I was fully within my power to negotiate an alliance with them. I used my puppet, Caleann to aid in the diplomatic process.

Note: the next few paragraphs may contain some level of bias due to my personal involvement in the following controversial events. A failure to address these events would be to deny history of a critical moment in SP.

In December of 2013, tensions began to escalate within the region, however. The roleplaying that had allowed the region to flourish so much had begun to deteriorate with accusations of godmodding floating around. Many nations suppressed these feelings to further regional cooperation and spirit. At that period of time, the Minister of RP had full control over the roleplaying in the region. At that point, Vortukia was Minister of RP. Several nations then approached me to then help solve the problem. We used MOTL as a place to coduct our discussions, though much remained secret in the form of telegrams. The secrecy was needed because Vortukia was viewed as having a totalitarian hold over his position. We planned to elect another active roleplayer, The ParaValen Union of The Valen Empire, to become the next Minister of RP in the (late) January elections. The early planning was needed to help gain a majority within the region to push a change of power. Unfortunately for our plans, we were uncoordinated in contacting Valen for his nomination; we sent him multiple messages over the course of multiple days.

However, due to our failure to properly analyze Valen (he was loyal to Vortukia), he interpreted our nominations in another way - and forwarded our telegrams to Vortukia and Atlantica. Whatever was said, it was enough to send the region the lowest lows in its entire history. In a secretive countdown involving several steps, Vortukia and Atlantica seemed to be plotting something. No one in the region was able to interpret what was going on, and I telegrammed Atlantica several times. The response was something like "If you're smart, you'll have a chance to redeem yourself when the time comes - and only because you're essential to the region." This confused me more.

Then it happened. Atlantica took control of the offsite forums, and being an admin, blocked all of our nations' accounts from accessing anything. He immediately removed us from our government positions, and threatened banjection from the region. In doing so, the only trial was to defend our regional citizenship, and if found innocent, could regain our government status. The accused nations were East Ibsenia, Dotaria, Topsail Empire, and El Fiji Grande. (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone) The trial that ensued was chaotic - driven by anger, long-subdued passionate emotions, and the speed at which it all happened.

We had to act as our own lawyers, though I eventually stepped in as the lead speaker. The trial was a battle of concept of law, accusations of godmodding, totalitarianism, conspiracy, plots, coups, secrecy, and the definitions of the extent of power of any of the positions. It is impossible to fully describe that evening.

The result of the trial was finally decided to be a tie, in which all of the accused retained their positions, were regranted access to the forums, and Vortukia remained Minister of RP. It essentially returned everything to the way it all was before, without having solved anything. Vortukia left the region after the trial, leaving a trail of caustic remarks in disgust of the justice system in SP.

'The Trial' as it came to be known, marked a defining moment in SP's history. It later became officially recognized as the end of the golden age, and the beginning of the decline. Ironically, Vortukia had even been considered an enemy when he entered the region, as Atlantica had had past experience with his godmodding. The Trial left a wake of social reforms, including an official judicial branch, limitations of the powers of the positions, and a large restriction on the Founder, and WAD of the region. It was ensured that the Founder could never again assume a totalitarian role. Proposals to re-write the constitution were passed, but never acted upon. The rift The Trial left caused the loss of several nations, most notably The Supreme Global Empire of Queshnaba and Valen, and the continued loyalty of The Laxus Union to Vortukia hindered the healing of the region.

The region did eventually heal, though it was never quite the same afterwards. A new era began, with East Ibsenia the new Minister of RP. The Muffinator of Hockesin, The Deutschestaten of Grothbord, and The Fijitologist of Falling Stars emerged as extremely active nations. The offsite forums hosted a continuous stream of highly active roleplays, including the Colony RPs, the fantasy Character RP, the Ibsenian Civil War, and later the start of the MT global nation RP and NS forums Dor Almarea RP. Between January and March, more than 2/3 of all posts in the history of SP were made on the offsite forums. Some place the decline of roleplay into the Summer Lull to be the moment of decline of SP, not The Trial.

In March(?), Vortukia returned to the region. No one is sure why he returned, but there was an immediate, and perhaps overblown reaction to his arrival. We (the former accused) came to a moment of decision that I regret. Since we formed the entire center of government, if we were to leave the union, SP would be virtually destroyed. To my later regret and guilt, we used this as a bargaining chip, and pressured Atlantica to banject Vortukia permanently from the region. We gave an ultimatum, stating that unless he complied with a certain time, we would leave to join a new region. At several times during that day, Atlantica was observed to be online, but never responded.

Once the allotted time was reached, we went through with our ultimatum, and left in a block with several other loyal nations to form Nova Prime, with myself elected as the founder. We moved the forums, were in the process of creating a new constitution, were beginning the election process, and the RMB exploded. Within 24 hours, Atlantica complied with our requests and seemed to beg for our return. Though Nova Prime showed much potential, we decided to return to SP, in part because of our guilt. That in a sense was the moral low-point of the region. Sometimes I regret not having stuck with NP.

In the following months, leading towards the beginning of summer 2014, many nations became inactive. In order to create a positive sense of stability for the region, puppets entered the region to keep the population above 100 nations. This inflated population caused a huge decrease in activity, and each RP from that point on was more like throwing leaves on a dying fire. Our alliance with the INU strengthened as both regions began to suffer from inactivity.

In the summer, Falling Stars began a movement to restart SPDF, and we successfully liberated ~15 regions from raider control. This also caused a rebirth in SPIA, in that update times needed to be collected, ordered, and stored for possible liberations. We became Sister regions with the INU, and activity between our regions became more shared. We conducted a joint liberation in the form of the Liberation of Hogwarts (which failed due to spies), but we learned a lot from that attempt and many more were planned.

With the advent of cross-RMB embassy posting privileges, new plans were constructed to withdraw the number of SP embassies such that each embassy was actually useful. In spite of resistance, this policy was eventually adopted. As a result, activity between SP and the INU was shared.

We also invited nations from the INU to join our forums to participate in our RPs. The Northern Confederation State of Crumstain joined, and participated in the Delta Base RP, which was the last official SP RP.

A collapse of SP seemed evident, and RPs simply seemed to prolong the ending. A merge between the INU, IWU, ISU, and SP was proposed. I acted alone as a diplomat for SP in this period. However, when the Delta Base RP picked up, I rejected the merge proposal. SP seemed to be turning upwards as a result of our efforts. We began to call back old allies to help turn around the procession of our dying region. Organized Geth returned with a puppet to help remodel our constitution.

However, after about a month, the situation began again to look grim. I contacted The Directorate of Xin Prussia and Zwotstyg to renegotiate the joining of SP into the merge. They agreed, but it had to go to an official vote within SP and to within the new region as their merge terms had already been finalized. SP, after debate, voted nearly unanimously to join in the merge. On August 19th, 2014, the International Northwestern Union was founded, and a referendum was held to decide SP's part in the merge. SP was officially accepted on the 20th, at which point, over the next few days, the entirety of the merge was completed.

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