An Introduction to the INWU Fall Fair

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An Introduction to the INWU Fall Fair Empty An Introduction to the INWU Fall Fair

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:40 am

Welcome, all!

The first annual International Northwestern Union Fall Fair was devised by our Delegate and other leaders to be an event to contribute to the thriving culture of NationStates. Modeled after the festivities of the NS World's Fair, but with an added touch of INWU passion and interregional partnership, the INWU Fall Fair seeks to unite both regions and nations and to create lasting bonds and connections with others. Though in the past our foreign affairs may have slipped through the cracks a bit, we seek to reopen our interest in foreign relations, and become more a part of the interregional NationStates that other, larger regions thrive in. In doing so, we welcome you to the Fall Fair, and hope you have a great time with us over the course of the next few days, and, if all goes well, weeks and months. What better way to sponsor partnership, creativity, and cooperation than the Fall Fair?!

To help get you more acquainted with the Fall Fair - it's organization, events, and regional venues - read more below or TG any of our regional leaders or PM our forum admins.


The Fall Fair forums are divided into several subsections: Home, Regional Venues, National Venues, Roleplays, and the Event Room. The Home section, as you've seen, welcomes all nations and regions and contains information on how to make the best of the Fall Fair. The Regional Venues section contains each of the individual booths of regions that have decided to participate in the Fall Fair. The National Venues section contains forums created by individual nations for the purpose of sponsoring individual creativity, action, and awareness in a way that is not intended in the Regional Venues. The Roleplay section hosts roleplays that nations from any or all of the regions present have created - if you don't like what you see, you're more than welcome and encouraged to create your own! The Event Room section will host interregional competitions, conferences, speeches, and ceremonies.

Many different events are hosted in the Fall Fair. Any region and nation can create and schedule events of their own, and are encouraged to do so, as they add to the excitement of the fair. Not all events need be posted in the Event Room - they can be hidden in and among individual regional or national venues, offered only to those who stumble upon them. Some official events are listed below:

Regional Venues:
The following regions have so far decided to participate in the INWU Fall Fair:

  • International Northwestern Union


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