6. The Battle of Phalania

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6. The Battle of Phalania Empty 6. The Battle of Phalania

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6. The Battle of Phalania Ga0rfLi

After a long battle cutting through one of the harshest winters in history, Nova Roma - the very city where Rome had risen from - came under the Thracian banner. However, the prices were high: much of the city, excluding its older quarters, were destroyed by the Second Empire upon their retreat, while more than 140,000 Thracians had died in the siege. Although the Thracians had captured Nova Roma, they did so at great expense.

Meanwhile, out of Nova Roma, Imperator Saladin IV had set up base in Phalania, just across the Taimir River. There, he began to regroup the once-shattered forces throughout the Second Empire; thousands of soldiers answered the call and came under his command. In addition to the Imperial Forces, Arthur Bane congregated the Toridian Militia in Phalania, ready to rewrite history. Soon, the Second Empire was now ready with 122,000 troops in Phalania, looking towards Nova Roma.

In the morning of March 20th, 1588, the Thracians, after regrouping in Nova Roma, came out of the city and began an offensive south of the Taimir, hence starting the Battle of Phalania. They are led by Emperor Charles IV, who wills to destroy the last of the Second Empire and bring all of Rome under him and the Thracians. However, Imperator Saladin IV stands as his adversary, ready to crush Charles' ambitions. Will the Second Empire foil Thracian ambitions and defend the name of Rome? Or will the Thracians crush the Second Empire and end the war?


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