5. The Siege of Nova Roma

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5. The Siege of Nova Roma Empty 5. The Siege of Nova Roma

Post by Atlantica/FEU on Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:54 am

5. The Siege of Nova Roma Battle_of_Waterloo_1815

The Thracians had finally prevailed over Fort Paladin, but at great cost: the death of at least 140,000 soldiers, countless commanders and equipment, but most importantly, time. It had already been late November by the time the Thracians destroyed Fort Paladin, with winter approaching them quickly. To make things worse, the Thracian fleets, which were supposed to bring them more food, weapons and troops, were being ravaged by Peter Winters, a notorious pirate of the Second Empire. Time and luck was no longer on their side.

Meanwhile, in Nova Roma, Prince Saladin assumed his father's position as Imperator Saladin IV after the death of his father in Fort Paladin. Determined to make the last stand for all who stood before him, Saladin IV calls together the remaining forces he had within Nova Roma. Almost 90,000, among them Arthur Bane, answer the call to protect Nova Roma. They are aware that not just the fate of Nova Roma, but the fate of the Second Empire are at their hands - one wrong step, and the legacy of Rome will be lost to the invaders.

Nevertheless, the Thracians arrive upon Nova Roma in December 2nd, 1587. Around Nova Roma, a battle to determine the fate of Rome is to take place. Will the Second Empire bring a halt to the Thracians and protect their legacy? Or will the Thracians press on and claim themselves as 'the legitimate son of Rome'? History is about to be created soon.


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