4. The Battle of Fort Paladin

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4. The Battle of Fort Paladin Empty 4. The Battle of Fort Paladin

Post by Atlantica/FEU on Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:54 am

4. The Battle of Fort Paladin Snowmountainortress-734756

Following the First Battle of Kronos Edge, the Thracians rampaged through the Neo-Roman Empire (aka the Second Empire): in the process, countless cities and towns - Marina Bay, Port Skyholder, South Ositania, San Marcus and so on - had fallen under the Thracian banner, most of them destroyed. From March through August 1587, the Thracians seemed to be unstoppable - at their current phase, it seemed like they will be taking Nova Roma before September.

However, the Second Empire, in hopes of defending Nova Roma, has prepared for a critical battle in Fort Paladin - a mountain fortress equidistant between Nova Roma and present-day Kronos Prime. Looming 3,000 meters above sea level, it is a treacherous location for invading forces, as it is a fortress of natural topography and human architecture. However, to enter Nova Roma, one must get through Fort Paladin.

And so the might of the West and the East collide once again - Emperor Charles IV and 450,000 Thracians are estimated to storm into Fort Paladin, only to face Imperator Caspian I and 20,000 Roman Guards in the fortress. The outcome of this war will not only be a deciding factor in the course of the war, but also mark the difference between survival and annihilation for the West and the East. Will the Thracians punch through Fort Paladin before winter, or will Caspian I make a stand and break the Thracian offensive?


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