3. The First Battle of Kronos Edge

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3. The First Battle of Kronos Edge Empty 3. The First Battle of Kronos Edge

Post by Atlantica/FEU on Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:54 am

3. The First Battle of Kronos Edge Battle-of-Trafalgar-48x24

The Neo-Roman Empire (aka the Second Empire) held their lines in North Hampton, ending the First Thracian Offensive and leaving casualties of several thousands, among them Emperor Alexander III himself. Aware that the Thracians do not give up that easily, Imperator Caspian I commanded the reinforcement of defenses and forces throughout the Empire, foreseeing the continuity of war in the near future. Prince Saladin and Prince Tristan, along with other military commanders, were given military roles by then.

Returning to Veranium, the Thracians come under a new Emperor - Charles IV, ambitious and vengeful as ever. Determined to accomplish his father's dreams, he brings the Thracians into preparation for a Second Offensive - an offensive that will be much larger and deadlier than the first. In the meantime, he gathers the Caroleans - a group of great Thracian commanders who will be part of his conquest to the east.

In March of 1587, the Thracians bring war again; this time, their plan does not involve the neutralization of the Second Empire's colonies but a direct insertion into the Second Empire's mainland. In March 24th, they begin their landing upon Kronos Edge, a coastal city in the northern edges of the Empire. However, to their adversary is General Igor Bashkir and 550,000 combat-hardened soldiers - even just by the numbers, the battle isn't going to be so smooth. Will the Thracians crush the Second Empire at Kronos Edge and advance towards Nova Roma? Or will General Igor Bashkir and the Second Empire crush the Thracian invaders once again?


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